Periodic Table and Elements

ELC-4050 Periodic Table and Elements. This kit contains everything you will need to help students understand the periodic table. Introduce this to your students with a strike the imagination presentation using 32 commonly known element cards. Every single element has its own full color card and history card, along with the structure of the atom. Once they have understood the relationship between atomic number and valence electrons, introduce them to 118 individual element cards so that they can create their own periodic table on the floor. Let them create one of the most impressive floor models you and their parents have ever seen. Continue by leading them to abstract ideas through the introduction of our beautiful full color periodic table. Each element has an actual picture of where and how it is used in our every day lives. Make the elements real and meaningful for your students. This is a complete curriculum, that can be used to introduce students to chemistry. Dimensions: H.: 32 in L.: 50 in

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