Reading for Understanding Year 2 (UE/MS)


Each one of the sections contains information and activities for developing a daily CRC, conducting a character analysis, working with a mind map, completing a cause and effect graphic organizer, writing a section summary, analysis, comprehension questions, and creating a story map. SUPERB! Each section is designed to be completed by multiple groups in a period of 5 weeks. Each of the major sections contains materials for the following books. , Forces and Validation: , April Morning , Animal Farm , Scarlet Pimpernel , Red Scarf Girl. , Structures and Networks: , Lord of the Flies , Fahrenheit 451 , 1984 , Brave New World. , Power and Potential: , Measure of a Man , Gandhi , Warriors Don't Cry , Farewell to Manzanar. , Changes and Revolutions: , Lyddie , We Shall Not Be Moved , Hard Times , The Jungle. , Balance and Equity: , Invitation to the Game , Flowers for Algernon , I Robot , Childhood's End.

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