Upper Elementary Geometry Curriculum

ELC-3040 Geometry Curriculum Level 9-12. The complete geometry curriculum for levels 4, 5, and 6. Color Coded by concept: Volume and Solids - Dark Blue, Triangles - Grey, Circles - Green, Quadrilaterals - Ivory, Lines - Light Blue, Polyhedra and Pythagoras - Purple, Polygons - Purple, Angles - Yellow 4th Level: Nomenclature Review Task Cards; Constructive Triangle Task Cards 5th Level: Equivalency Task Cards; Area Word Problems 6th Level: Volume Word Problems; Tessellation Task Cards Incorporating every area of geometry, this curriculum includes over Practical Life word problems. New teachers as well as seasoned educators will find, this easy to use geometry curriculum, will cover all their needs for the entire uper elementary levels. Incorporated throughout the curriculum are construction task cards that will provide the foundations for geometric reasoning.Easily interfaced with our materials in our Geometry with Tangrams and Pattern Block Curriculum (ELC-3042) as well as the materials found in our Area Folders (ELC-3041).

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